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Back before viral was VIRAL, we produced a fun video for Taurus Mutual Funds that meant business

Taurus Mutual Funds wanted to promote it’s tax saver scheme and we stepped in, helping them craft a story that was witty, hilarious and which drove the point across. To do so we took advantage of the buzz that Don 2 received online and re-created the story of Don, who siphons cash through his nefarious activities only to be caught by the anti-hero, Taxman Lele. Iconic characters, rich premise, kick ass scripting and voice over work makes this animated explainer video a special project for us. Through funny scenarios we harped on the benefit of having a Taurus Mutual Funds Tax Saver Fund and more importantly connected with the right target audience to drive awareness and recall for Taurus Mutual Funds. Hand drawn characters, beautifully animated to life with a compelling story and a message is what makes this video truly stand out. We started with a rough script and then dived into character creation and conceptualization. We hand drew the characters of Sharukh, Amitabh and Taxman Lele and then proceeded to draw backgrounds and scenarios in full color. Once the story board was ready, we recorded the voice overs and synced it into the animation process to come up with this gem.

Watch it for yourself and decide. If you’d like to take a look at our animated explainer video packages you can do so here, or just get in touch with us to discuss your needs.


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