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Today one of the economy’s main drivers of growth is eCommerce. Along with eCommerce’s phenomenal growth, has come the opportunity for allied services including eCommerce content marketing, and eCommerce content strategy. At Beard Bros, we believe in the power of content, and its vital role in the growth of the eCommerce footprint.

The role of eCommerce content marketing


Where there is a product, there is a need to tell users about it. eCommerce content marketing is all about convincing customers, about the need, use and benefits of a product. We at Beard Bros, are adept at providing e-commerce clients with specialised eCommerce content marketing services, including product content, support content, white papers, instructional paraphernalia and other vital e-commerce content marketing tools. Our content services are targeted towards helping eCommerce players, rank higher in SEO searches, with the targeted use of keywords in product descriptions and allied SEO practices. Our philosophy is helping e-commerce clients to craft content that helps customers make informed decisions, regarding their purchases.


Our eCommerce Content Marketing Approach








Our repertoire of experience includes resources who’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy in the e-commerce content marketing and e-commerce content strategy space, and have crafted effective, and illuminating content for some of India’s most sought after e-commerce brands.

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